By default, all bills added to Roger are automatically paid on the specified due date or on the due date that you choose. However, you can easily modify this if you want to pay your bills manually.

Below you can read more about how to set up automatic payment (Autopay) in several ways. 

NOTE: If Autopay is off for bill, the bill will only be paid when you click the Pay Now button on each bill.

1. Set Autopay for specific type of payment method

Under Settings> Advanced> Payments , you can choose from the Autopay tab whether payments made through a bank account or a payment card (coming soon), must be paid automatically or manually. Check the box to select the desired setting:

2. Set Autopay for specific scenarios via Workflow

In your workflow, you can define an unlimited number of scenarios where Autopay should be automatically turned off. You do this by creating one or more rules that automatically disable Autopay on bills that activate the rules. 

Under Workflow , click the Create New Rule button on the right side of the screen. A window will now open where you:

  1. ... must define the criteria for the bills to activate the rule;
  2. ... must choose which employees are automatically appointed to approve the bills; 
  3. ... must choose which automatic actions you want Roger to perform automatically for the bills. In this case, you will select the action "Disconnect Autopay". 
  4. When you're done defining the rule, click the Save button . 

Moving forward, all bills that activate this rule will not be paid automatically, as Autopay is automatically disabled for bills that fit the defined criteria. 

  • Note, that this automatic Autopay disabling rule does not alter the Autopay settings described in the first paragraph; the automatic disabling of Autopay applies only to the bills that fall under the specified criteria and trigger the defined rule. 
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