Once you've added a bill, receipt, or a credit note to to your account, Roger's AI engine will first analyze the document's data before it appears on your dashboard. 

You can view all documents that are being analyzed on your dashboard: 

You will also be able to view expenses that have been already processed and any other expenses that have failed to process. 

Typically, you have to wait a maximum of five to ten minutes per document before all data on an individual document has been read, but this processing time may vary. Once an expense has been processed, it will appear on your dashboard with all information that has been scanned. 

  • If you feel that the processing time is taking a bit longer than expected, don't worry, the expense will be ultimately added. In some cases, processing times vary depending on the quality of the document added, or the payment method used by the vendor.
  • If you get an error during the analysis of your bill, receipt, or credit note; Roger team will jump right into it to fix the error and possibly contact you if necessary, so you don't need to worry about it!
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