You can easily change the the dates for a financial document on your Roger account - including the due date for unpaid bills, and payment/issue date for receipts and credit notes. The process is the same regardless of the financial document's type. 

1. Select the bill you want to change the due date for on your dashboard and then click on the small pencil icon under the Due Date field .   

2. A calendar window view will pop up where you can select the new due date. 

You will then see that the bill's due date has been changed to the selected date, and that the expense may have been moved to another spot on your dashboard based on its chronological order.

  • You can change a bill's due date as many times as you want, but naturally, you can't change the due date on a bill that has already been paid.

Tip: By using the Pay Now button, you can instantly initiate the payment of an unpaid bill, thereby changing the bill's due date to the current date:

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