N.B. This article takes examples from the Roger web app, but the steps are the same if you use Roger on your smartphone - the layout just looks a little different! 

When you add a bill, it will be automatically set to be paid on the due dated stated on that bill. However, if you wish to pay a bill before it's due date; you can follow the steps bellow:

1. Select the bill you want to pay before its due date from the ALL tab or UNPAID tab on your dashboard. In this example, we choose the bill to Zebra Consult of $971.09 (#9). The original due date lies in the future, on Sept 24, but we want to pay it right away. Click the button PAY NOW:

2. You will now have to give your final confirmation that the bill be paid before the due date. Click Pay Now to pay the bill right away, or click Cancel if you regret it and just want the bill to be paid on the original due date:

3. The bill has now been initialized, and will be paid within the next 5-7 days! 

  • You can click on the Timeline tab  to view more details about the bill, such when it was approved, initialized, and paid.
  • Once its been paid, the bill is no longer to be found on its original spot among the bills with due dates in September under the UNPAID tab. Instead, you can find it under the PAID or ALL tabs in the current month, i.e. the month where you have just chosen to pay the bill instead (in this case, Jun 25). Hence, the bill's status will be changed to Paid.
  • You can also change a bill's due date if you do not wish to pay the bill immediately, but rather want to schedule it to be paid on a different date than its original due date. Read more about how to change a bill's due date in this article.
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