You can submit bills, receipts, and credit notes with Roger in 3 ways:

1. Take a picture of your paper bill/receipt/credit note

Take a picture of your paper expense (bill, receipt, credit note) with Roger for iOS or Android. The bill will be submitted to your account and set for payment. Unless you change your payment details for the bill after that, Roger will pay the bill on the specified due date with the payment method you have added as your default payment method. 

2. Submit your bill/receipt/credit note to your own RogerAddress

Forward financial documents to yourself or let a vendor send expenses as PDF, JPG or PNG files directly to your company's unique RogerAddress, which is automatically created when you sign up for your business to Roger. Financial documents submitted this way can be found in your dashboard.

  • Your company has two RogerAddress: one for invoices and credit notes ending in @ and one for receipts ending at @ 

3. Add your bills/receipts/credit notes through Roger's web dashboard

Add a financial document as a PDF, JPG or PNG file through Roger's web app by clicking Add expense on your dashboard (the first page you see when you are logged in). You can then add an expense by either selecting it from a folder on your computer, or dragging and dropping the file to the page in your browser (see video below).

  • Note: When you add a credit note to Roger, you must add it as an invoice then manually change it into a credit note. (shown in the image below)
  • Note: if you receive a financial document within the body of an email, just take a screenshot of the expense and or forward it to your RogerAddress.
  • Next, learn how to connect your bank account to start paying your bills through Roger!
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