An expense status shows, among other things, whether the expense has been initialized by Roger, whether it is awaiting approval from an coworker, or whether the payment has been paid: 

Below we give you an overview of all the different states bills can have and what they mean.

Awaiting approval

This status means that the expense has been processed and recognized and is awaiting approval from one or more coworkers before it can be paid and synced to your ERP system.


This status means that the expense is still being processed by Roger's AI engine, the expense's information is being analyzed. This typically takes a maximum of a few minutes, but even if it takes a little longer, don't worry, Roger will scan all the necessary information. Otherwise, if there's an issue with your expense, we will make sure to contact you immediately. 


This status means that the bill is pending approval from your or from a company account employee before it can be paid. Expenses received through RogerAddresses may also have this status. You or an employee must therefore approve the bill for it to be paid on its due date.


This status means the bill has been paid and that the amount has been deducted from your bank account and forwarded to the vendor. Therefore, no further action is required regarding bills with this status.
Bills that have been manually marked as paid through Roger, and receipts will always have this status once they have been added and scanned by Roger.


This status means that the expense already exists in this account, and has already been identified by Roger's AI. Therefore it cannot be added again. 


This status means that the bill's due date has not yet been reached, however, the bill is ready to be paid on the due date. Therefore, no further action is required with these bills as they are just going be paid automatically on their due date.

  • Bills added while the Pay module is off will also have this status. To change the status of these bills to "Paid", click the Mark As Paid button.


This status means that the payment has been initiated. If it is an ACH payment, it means that the payment has been sent to the network; and if it's a check payment, it means that the check has been mailed. 


This status is only appears on bills and means that the payment was paused because Roger was unable to initiate the payment automatically. Often this is because of an issue with the chosen payment method. If you are unsure why a bill has this status, contact Roger support at or via the chat button in the lower right corner.


This status means that a bill has been rejected by Roger either for lack of information or for other issues. This status is typically accompanied by a message that explains the reason for the rejection. 


This status means that the bill has previously been paid, but that it has subsequently been refunded to the payment method used. This typically only happens if you have been in contact with us about it yourself, but if a payment initiated cannot be made - for example, due to invalid payment information on a bill - then the amount of the payment will automatically be refunded to. You will of course be made aware of this via email.

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