When an expense is added to your company account, it will generally require the approval of one or more coworkers in the company (unless you or a coworker have set up a rule that does not require approval for selected expenses, or if an expense has been added by a coworker who has the permission to add expenses without requiring any approvals).

An employee is authorized to approve or decline an expense if:

  1. ..the employee has been manually appointed by another coworker or has been automatically appointed by a rule;
  2. ..the box This employee can always approve/reject all expenses within the employee's permissions is checked; 
  3. ..the employee is appointed as the company account's default approver.

Expenses pending approval are available under the Pending tab:


An expense is approved by clicking the Approve button on the expense. The following window will appear, where you must finally confirm your approval:

  • If you wish to remove this extra approval confirmation level, you can easily do so by by clicking Approve, and then checking the Don't ask again box. This will turn on the 1-click Authentication option, which can always be turned off under Settings> Advanced> Authentication


An expense is declined by clicking the Decline button on the expense. The following window will appear, where you must finally confirm your rejection and give a reason for the rejecting it:

When an expense has been rejected, it will still remain under the Pending tab , and the reason for the rejection will also be visible under the expense activity overview:

The following actions can be performed for an expense that has been declined: 

  • The expense details such as amount or due date can be edited to correct the reason for the rejection in this case. 
  • One or more new coworkers can be manually selected to approve the expense. Please note that in this case, the Manual appointing: require all approvals option must be enabled under Settings> Advanced> Approvals. 
  • Any coworker with the appropriate permissions can approve the expense themselves. 
  • The expense can be deleted. 
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